Bine Roth Stipendiatin 2021/22

Hi, that’s me – Bine Roth, this year’s artist in residence at the German Museum of Technology, Berlin.

Due to Corona, I started this residency in summer (May/June) and just got back again for the second part. Recently, I gave a talk at my former university around the research that I am conducting here in Berlin.

Just briefly to introduce myself I am a designer & educator. I am part of a design studio Peut-Porter based in London, where I focus on the moment when fashion creates artefacts and objects as my major interest is to illustrate their power to narrate social and cultural scenarios. Hence, I also cover topics on critical design thinking and sustainability which are relevant in today’s changing landscape and for tomorrow’s creative industries. We as a collective create performances, wearable technologies, accessories, artefacts and garments. I teach at London College of Fashion (Fashion Jewellery) and Chelsea College of Art (Textiles), London, UK.

At the moment, I am working on project called Dazzle – a multi-dimensional installation combining dance, virtual reality and fashion created by Gibson, Martelli & Peut-Porter.

For the residency, I have proposed to work on Motion Capture Accessories for our project. The use case for motion-capture has extended from animation, video games and VR into live digital interaction spaces within the performing arts. This on-stage than behind-the-scenes appearance causes new requirements in regard to their production, fit and usability.

September 2021 – Testing first motion capture accessories in action at DeMontford University, Leicester UK (Performer Hannah Burfield)

As we (for Dazzle) are working with an optical tracking system the developed pieces will host motioncapture balls and can be worn by our audience making them fully visible in VR (Virtual Reality) and giving them a sense of touch and feel of exploration. Informed by research looking back into magazines from 1920s

and the tools available at this residency @artis_factum @deutschestechnikmusuem with support of @c.hafner_official,
I am currently working on a series of #sculptural #artefacts that will support and enhance the journey of our visitors as their bodies reassemble into #avatars and #alteregos.

Here are some impression from my time until now at the museum. Such a wonderful opportunity to play and explore different techniques with such great support of the team Andrea, Miriam & Louisa ❤️

There is more to come 🙂

Testing materials, techniques
Tinn – experimenting with old shapes
Textiles and metals
Guilloche on 3D surfaces